Vasudan Panicker

Vasudan Panicker

Vasudan PanickerVasudevan Panicker has a diverse training background that spans over 30 years. He started off as an English teacher and moved on to take the challenges of a Training Manager, in a leading Insurance Company.  After 5 years, he joined the United States Department of Customs and became their certified Instructor. He was deployed in Saudi Arabia for over 10 years as an Instructor in the joint US-Saudi Department of Customs. During the Gulf War, he returned to Malaysia and since then has been actively facilitating Management ,Leadership and Culture-Shift workshops for local and multi-national organizations.  

He is also a Motorola University certified  Leadership Coach & Train-The –Trainer, and actively teaches in their facilities all over the Asia-Pacific Region.

In 2001, Vasudevan was hired by Maxis Communications Berhad, to re-structure and revamp their Academy. He went in as Head of the College of Technology and retired in August 2006, as the Head of Operations for Maxis Academy. During his tenure, he helped Maxis to structure the entire training technology processes, tools and practices. He also initiated competency-based learning development curriculum for the technical staff. Vasu coordinated the Senior Leadership Succession Planning exercise in Maxis. He was also involved in advising the training departments of Maxis’s regional partners in Indonesia and India. He helped the Malaysian Ministry of Health in moving towards a Learning Organization (L.O) & was a keynote speaker on L.O. in China.

Vasu is also a certified Master Coach of Behavioral Coaching Institute, USA, and is a member of the International Coaching Council. He is a resource person for Corporate University Exchange and was a Technical Advisor, in setting up Danamon Corporate University, Indonesia.  He is part of the team leading the Motorola and Felda Senior Executive Leadership Program and Strategic Management initiatives of several companies.

Roger Konopasek

Roger Konopasek – Transformational Leadership Catalyst

Leading Rapid Predictable Change

Over the past 18 years Roger Konopasek has worked hand in hand with top executives in several of the globally most recognized companies such as HP, Nestle, Coca Cola, Philips, Dell, Citibank supporting their leaders to create measurable accelerated rates of change in the teams. Re-shaping the way managers lead teams of highly bought-in individuals who fully align themselves with the company’s purpose and goals.

Roger specializes in working with dynamic enterprises living through periods of rapid and significant change: companies that are growing, downsizing, restructuring, or moving into a new phase of their development. 

Hands-On Strategies Create Measurable Shifts in Leaders & Teams

His direct, hands-on strategies enroll key stakeholders to bring about the deep and lasting transformations necessary to create accelerated working environments crucial to thrive in the exponential change ecology dictating today’s market reality.

He finds that clients often underestimate the potential for realizing their highest aspirations during periods of change. Roger tends to encourage clients to be both courageous and disciplined about transformation, to turn moments of transition into opportunities for greatness.

Roger has experience working with teams and individuals across a wide spectrum of businesses and industries from telecommunication, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking, fitness, hotels to name just a few.

He is also in demand as a speaker, facilitator and workshop leader focusing on transformational leadership topics including: Leading The Best & Brightest, Strategic Leadership Development, Transformational Sales Leadership, The First Hour Of The First Day – Creating Accelerated Teams.