Shariffah Anisah

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Shariffah Anisah

Shariffah Anisah Syed Idrus’s wealth of experience in training and development gleaned from working for prominent organisations namely Celcom, TMNet, Telekom Malaysia (TM), BSN, KASK Access Inc. and Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad. Since commencing her career, she has progresses through a variety of management positions to firmly establish herself as an influential and highly respected, multi-skilled trainer, facilitator and consultant.

Shariffah Anisah started her career as Product Trainer at Mobile Services Division, Celcom. After 5 years, she moved on to become Trainer/Facilitator at Telekom Training College, focusing on soft-skilled programs such as Core Values Program (Mission and Vision), Team Building and Change Management. When she was conducting the Core Values Program, she trained almost 5000 TM employees.  Shariffah Anisah moved on to become the Training Manager at BSN before joining KASK Access Inc Sdn Bhd.  Shariffah Anisah gained her consultancy experience while becoming Senior Consultant at KASK Access Inc Sdn Bhd. Moving forward, Shariffah Anisah joined Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad to become the internal Coach and trainer. At BMMB, she conducted softskills programs as well as conducting coaching training programs, namely Coaching for Performance, Developing Supervisory Skills, Hijrah to Success and Team Building Programs.

Upon being certified as Executive Coach and Solution Focused Coach, Shariffah Anisah has been focusing on trainings on Corporate Coaching and Sales Coaching for Managers and Supervisors. TNB, MOSTI, JKR, DBKL, UITM, PKNP, PJ Bumi, PPUM, PPUKM, PPUSM,UNIMAP, UNITEN are among others her clients. Apart from that she also does programs on Leadership as well as development programs for undergraduates. Currently she is also concentrating on Mindset Change and Self Transformational programs.

Training has always been Shariffah Anisah’s passion and interest. Shariffah Anisah’s enthusiastic approach to training is simple yet results-oriented: “Learning by Doing” – the experiential approach.  It is generally recognised that there is a challenging gap between knowing a principle and applying it in the real world situation.  Therefore, Shariffah Anisah’s training programs focus on the immediate effective transfer of skills from the training room to the work environment.  Since it is an adult learning process, training programs are highly interactive and application of management games which are related to the focused programs. She also strongly believes that training is not just transferring of knowledge and skills but it is actually a process of sharing information, knowledge and skills between the facilitator and participants.

Shariffah Anisah is an adaptable professional with high personal and ethical standards, who enjoys a challenging environment.